We're very excited to announce our next projects in Switzerland:

  • February 2017, ongoing: Tour of Airswimming by Charlotte Jones; next in Berne and Brig. More tour dates are forthcoming.
  • We're also working on organising further performances of our staged reading Horu Fröiä.
Luftschwimmen Flyer

Airswimming by Charlotte Jones
German premiere in a translation by Cindy-Jane Armbruster and Eva Mann

Airswimming by Charlotte Jones is based on a true story. 1920s, St Dymphna's Asylum for the Criminally Insane: Persephone, Daddy's little girl, has given birth to a child out of wedlock, so she's been locked away. At St Dymphna's she meets Dora, a virago with a passion for military history. Dora and Persephone scrub the bathroom floors. For years. For decades. Forgotten by their families, they are not released until some 50 years later.

Trapped in the solitude of their daily routine, the two women eventually bond - what is initially a matter of necessity and convenience slowly deepens into genuine friendship and connection. They start sharing stories from their lives, or fragments of stories, since neither has ever been able to fully grasp what happened to her, and why.

The narrative is interrupted by the appearance of Dorph and Porph - alter egos of the two captured women - who go on wild and increasingly surreal adventures: airswimming, joining the Red Army's women's battalion, living their lives to a soundtrack of Doris Day. Similar to Beckett's tramps, Dorph and Porph are waiting for an unfathomable, unknowable, eternally absent something, which might be able to offer redemption and meaning.

Airswimming is a tragicomedy, an hommage to the many women who were locked up in asylums and prisons for being single mothers or simply not quite fitting in.

Persephone: Cindy-Jane Armbruster
Dora: Lilian Naef
Music: Fabienne Imoberdorf

Director production lead: Eva Mann
Dramaturgie- and Gastspielbetreuung: Marianne Weber
Lighting Design: Beat Jaggy

Tour 2017

Tojo Theatre Reitschule Berne
Wed 15. February, 20:30
Fri 17. February, 20:30
Sat 18. February, 20:30

Tickets can be reserved online:; or you can buy them directly at the door (open from 8pm).
Tickets: 20.– full / 20.– concession / 25.– solidarity price to support the artists 
(for more info, please check out the Tojo Website)

ZeughausKultur Brig
Fri 24. February, 19:30
Sat 25. February, 19:30
Sun 26. February, 17:00 – followed by a panel discussion with Theresa Rohr (survivor of so-called "fürsorgerische Zwangsmassnahmen" (forced internment)), Reiner Müller (director, produced Airswimming in Germany), Eva Mann (director of Airswimming for PLAYADES)

Tickets can be bought at ZeughausKultur Brig (027 923 13 13); or at the door. We recommend to make a reservation.
Tickets: 25.– full / 20.– concession

Where we've already been:
ZeughausKultur Brig, Theatertage Lenzburg, theater(uri) Altdorf, Chärnehus Einsiedeln, Alte Kanzlei Riehen, Theater Rennweg26 Biel.

We're planning more stops on our tour. For updates, please check out our website and sign up to our newsletter (currently only in German).