Alexander Clifford

Alexander Clifford

Headshot Alexander Clifford

Alexander has recently graduated from the relatively new institution, the Blackpool School of Creative Arts, gaining sufficient and extensive knowledge in the fields of naturalism, expressionism, theatre of the absurd and Epic theatre. As a relatively new industry actor Alexander has portrayed a variety of colourful and challenging characters while in training. Such characters include: Sir John Falstaff, Johannes’s Puntilla, Charles the second and Stanley Kowalski.

As a long standing member of the National youth theatre, Alex has participated in a variety of workshops and auditions, as well as the desire to work with the practically engineered companies frantic assembly and Complicite.

Socially, Alexander participates in a high range of athletic sports including: sprinting, badminton, football, tennis and rock climbing. He feels his involvement with sports will undoubtedly keep him on his toes for gruelling challenging physical work required in theatre. His singular connection to the film industry was the National Film School portraying the part of Elvis; a love struck geek.

With this being his first Edinburgh Fringe project, Alexander is looking forward to taking in the atmosphere of such an involving festival, and wishes his fellow performers good luck.