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About Us

PLAYADES is a young international theatre company, founded by seven actresses from three continents in London in 2010. Our aim is to look at well-known stories from a new angle by looking at them from our diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds. (Since 2014 PLAYADES is an association ("Verein") according to Swiss law, based in Naters/VS.)


  • to put female characters centre stage, and to create strong, diverse and contradictory stagings of female realities.
    Even nowadays, cultural history tends to portray men as the rule and women as the exception. For us as theatre-makers this is both a curse and a blessing, because the stage is the ideal place in which to create alternative worlds and to show unknown realities. At times this can already be achieved by simply telling women's stories and by telling stories from women's perspective. We're excited to take our audiences on a journey to discover heretofore untold stories.

  • to foster the exchange of theatrical texts and traditions across linguistic and national boundaries.
    PLAYADES desires play translations written for the stage and not for the university library. We're aware that in some ways every translation creates a new piece and we love taking advantage of this freedom: How can we engage with and honour the author's ideas with matching creativity?

  • to write or devise our own texts; while also re-discovering extant texts in new contexts.
    The founders of PLAYADES call two cultures their home. In many ways they find themselves between a rock and a hard place - not really belonging to either. This offers the opportunity to look at the characteristics of either culture from an outsider's perspective. (What's the worth of a "difficult" German giant like Kleist in England, where his name isn't immediately recognised nor met with immediate deference? ) Or to discover things outside their usual cultural valuation. (Henry VIII's six wives almost belong to popular culture in the UK. But what happens if topics like primogeniture/marital fidelity/pregnancy and birth as deathly risks are explored through the eyes of a Korean woman?)

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